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Very satisfied with my purchase. My Buddy loves his new toy and the squeaking is so tolerable. Best buy ever!


Love this toy for my new puppy! Both of my parents HATE the squeaky toys; so this toy is AMAZING because neither of them can hear the noise the Squeal makes. This is also a great training toy to use for my prospective Service Dog puppy.

My dog likes it .. simple really.

I have bought many over a few months

Bear loved it

I like it and more importantly little Bear really was so happy with it! Thanks so much!

Happy puppy

Chewed off a flipper, but I fixed it. Now a happy puppy

The best

I caught Shandy taking a nap with it. She loves this toy so much.

Should of known

My dog was able to make holes. He gnaws as described in the chewing page I can't stop him. He does like the sound. I would consider a rubber version but at $30 MAX that is the most I will spend on a toy.

Thank you

Thank you! He loves his new toy


Someone has a new favorite toy!

Mom got me a new toy but I think it might actually be my baby

Fell in love

Just recieved our first Sqeal. From the moment I removed the packaging my 4lb Shih tzu fell in love!!!

Good service

One of the two products didn't work, but they replaced it right away.

Monster, a 14 pound Chinese Crested, hasn't put it down! He is now using it as a pillow when he sleeps 😂

love my new sqeal toy from superruff!

Love it!

Love my new superruff toy so much!

No noise

I bought one but I don't think it is working. I can't haer any thing. Job seems happy but the noise is not working.

Hello, Ronald. If your toy is not working, we promise to replace it for free. Some people are not able to hear the toy due to normal hearing loss. Our customer service team will reach out by email so that we can get this solved.

It’s called Sqeal! and it’s kind of the best.

Better for humans

Dis is mommy’s fav toy daddy got me cause da doggos can hear da squeaks but da hoomans cant!

This is my 1 year old pup, Mickey Moose!!! He loves the Sqeal too & Mommy loves that he got it for Christmas and we are in July & it's still pretty much in one piece!!! He usually completely guts any new toy in the 1st day!!!

A very good purchase

My foster puppy claimed it as her own and won't let any other dog play with it.

I love my Sqeal!!


Our Golden, Goose, LOVES his new toy! He hasn't really put it down since he got it.