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A New Kind Of Dog Toy

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Introducing the GroovyToob

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Gif image showing mechanism of Sqeal dog toy. Captions: motion sensor, battery, speaker

Our toys are motion-activated and respond to all types of motion. Boops, bops, nudges, and drops. A new play experience for your pup.

Toy features:

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5x more squeaks

Easier to squeak and more fun. Tossing, shaking, dropping—even just wags and wiggles—get a squeak!

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Interesting squeaks

Our Squeakersonic™ sounds are based on testing what dogs like. Our sounds are more interesting than traditional squeakers because they use real animal sounds!

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Tough Stuff

✔️ Unpuncturable squeaker

✔️ Natural rubber version

Limited Time Offer!

Buy a toy, get one free! Text RUFF to (928) 272-6737 for the discount

More features:

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Holds attention

When a dog gets tired of a typical toy the fun is over. But when they drop the Sqeal, it sasses back and the play starts again.

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9 animal sounds

Multiple rodent sounds stimulate your dog's instincts.

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Dogs love it

We can't say this enough. Dogs light-up to meeting and playing with our toys.

Need to reach us?

815 E Street, 1629, San Diego, CA 92112

Text RUFF to (928) 272-6737 for a free toy with any purchase.

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