A new toy for a new kind of play

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We've designed Sqeal to be the funnest, safest, and most interactive dog toy ever.

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Sqeal responds to all types of motion. Boops, bops, nudges, and drops. Resulting in an awesome, engaging playing experience for your pup.

Sqeal has lots of Features:

More squeaks

Motion-activated means it's easier to squeak and more fun than any other toy. Tossing, shaking, dropping—even just wags and wiggles—get a squeak!

Interesting squeaks

Our Squeakersonic™ sound is based on testing what dogs like. We could program any sound in the world, so we found just the right one. It's more interesting than traditional squeakers.

Made for all kinds of dogs

Sqeal is loved by small dogs too! Its super sensitivity means small dogs and gentle chewers have no trouble getting lots of squeaks.


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What our customers say...

🤫 Thoughtful design.

"I love how the Sqeal is quiet. It's not annoying like typical squeaker toys. My girl loves this thing."

⛑️ Safe.

"I was concerned about a battery in a dog toy, but the protective casing that holds the battery is impenetrable, very well made."

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What does the Sqeal sound like?

More features:

Tough stuff

Made from 1,000 denier ballistic nylon, extra strong thread, and shaped so that pulling happens with the seams, not across seams. Holds up to every type of chewing except gnawing like a bone. 

Holds attention

When a dog gets tired of a typical toy the fun is over. But when they drop the Sqeal, it sasses back and the play starts again.

Your dog will love it

We can't say this enough. Dogs light-up to meeting and playing with The Sqeal. We've never met a dog that didn't love it. 


Is it safe?

Yes! Our patented housing can withstand over 1,500lbs. Most big dogs have a maximum bite force of 200-300lbs. We over engineered this part of the toy because your dog's safety is important to us. 

Is it tough?

The Sqeal is made of thick 1,000 denier nylon, extra strong thread, and a shape that aligns pulling action with the seams, not across them. 

Why isn't it as loud as traditional squeakers?

Traditional squeak toys make sounds as loud as a rock concert! Seems fun, but squeak one close to your ear, and you will see why this is a bad idea. Most dogs have very good hearing, so the Sqeal is loud enough to provide stimulation while being safe close to your dog's ears. Traditional vendors compete by making louder and louder squeaks. We compete by make more interesting and more frequent squeaks.

I got the toy, but I can't hear it.

Some humans can't hear the sound. If this is you, check out our customer help page for this here

Is the battery replaceable?

The battery is chemically welded inside of a sealed, protective housing so that it can never come out. We think this is safer. This means that it is not replaceable. But don't worry! It has enough power for over a million squeaks, which is more than a year of daily play!