Introducing your dog to the Sqeal for the first time

The Sqeal is different. You can help your dog make sense of the Sqeal by introducing them right. 

1. Find a quiet place so they can hear it. 


We made this toy a lot louder than a mouse, but even a loud mouse isn't very loud. 

2. Let them hear it

Here is a video of us decibel testing a toy. Notice how little is takes to active the sound. Just picking it up or rocking it usually does the trick. 


3. Keep an eye on them and teach them not to chew destructively.  

Some dogs have a very strong reaction to the Sqeal.

Dogs chew and gnaw to calm themselves down. 

If they are gnawing on the toy, take it away and give it back later. 

Check out our page on how to identify destructive chewing here.

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